About FLUX

FLUX is on a mission to promote physical movement. We asked ourselves, how can we motivate people in a non-intimidating way to stand up, and get their blood pumping on their own time, no equipment required.

01 Why

Why the FLUX does it matter?

Millennials spend an average of 223 minutes on their phones a day but they need a minimum of 22 minutes of physical activity a day. Only 50% of them hit this minimum requirement.

02 Benefits

How does this help?

Through FLUX, you’re one step closer to an improved wellbeing. Physical activity is directly linked to many long term positive effects. As you play you’ll earn informational cards which showcase your physical progress.

Share cards with friends and unlock new cards the farther you get in the game!

03 Gear

Paired with Custom Handles.

For an improved experience, we’ve 3D printed a custom handset out of PLA. Inspired by real workout equipment, the handset familiarizes users with handles that are reflected in other wellness gear and workout tools.

04 Results

Get Results.

Once the game is over, not only will the user be able to see their in game progress but they will also be able to see their active minutes in comparison to their goals.

Track your progress to reach your full potential.

05 Summary


06 Future

Where are we headed?

Today our platform is mobile devices, but the future is headed towards Augmented Reality.

FLUX is ready to take on new technology